The Los Angeles Tribune, commonly known as "The Trib" is a newspaper in Los Angeles, California.

It was founded in 1938, by Margaret Pynchon's father. The Los Angeles Tribune's offices were located in the building on the northwest corner of 5th Street and Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, across from Pershing Square.


  • Margaret Pynchon (Owner and Publisher)
  • Charlie Hume (Managing Editor)
  • Lou Grant (City Editor)
  • Art Donovan (Assistant City Editor)
  • Joe Rossi (General-Assignment Reporter)
  • Carla Mardigian (General-Assignment Reporter)
  • Billie Newman (General-Assignment Reporter; Former Feature writer for "Today" section)
  • Dennis "Animal" Price (Photographer)
  • Unnamed man (National Editor)
  • Unnamed man (Foreign Editor)
  • Unnamed man (Photo Editor)
  • Adam Wilson (Financial Editor)
  • Mel Brunner (Science Editor)
  • Rubin Castillo (Editor)
  • Leon (Copy boy)
  • Harley Clayton
  • Hal Pearson (Advertising)
  • George Driscoll (Reporter)
  • Norman McCallister (Legal Counsel)
  • Colin (Board Member)
  • Freddie (Board Member)
  • Irene Mott (Editor of "Today" section)
  • Jack Towne (Columnist)
  • Thea Taft (City Editor during the 1950s)
  • Liz Harrison (Reporter)
  • Milt Carmichael (Reporter)
  • Tom Pepper (Reporter; died in 1978 after a robbery)
  • Sharon McNeil (Reporter)
  • Jed Crosley (Former Reporter)
  • Gary Banks (Reporter; retired)
  • Lee Van Tam (Photographer)
  • Cy Wood (Photographer)
  • Ben Pomeroy (Reporter; died in a plane crash in 1982)
  • Bob O'Brien (Reporter; died in a plane crash in 1982)
  • Lance Reineckee (Reporter)
  • Dolph Masterson (Reporter)
  • Cheryl (Reporter)
  • Jack Riley (Reporter)
  • First name unknown Costello (City Editor)
  • First name unknown Bannister (City Editor)